Filament PM ASA

ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) material can be considered a true successor to ABS. This thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength, UV resistance and water resistance. It also has high dimensional stability. Making it ideal for prototyping, outside use as well as the automotive and engineering industries.

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ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate)
- similar to ABS
- perfect for outside use
- UV stable, high water and impact resistant
- high impact and wear resistance
- easy postprocessing (it’s possible to sand the prints using wet or dry sanding methods, smooth them out with acetone vapors, and glue them together with acetone)
- ideal for prototyping, outside use as well as the automotive and engineering industries

Nozzle: 240 - 260 °C
Heatbed: 100 - 110 °C

✅ excellent mechanical resistance
✅ great for outside use – UV stable
✅ replacement for ABS
✅ good dimensional stability
✅ high impact and wear resistance
✅ detailed prints without a stringing effect
✅ can be smoothed with acetone vapors
✅ soluble in acetone – can be used for gluing
✅ can be easily sanded / post-processed

❌ produces odors during printing (less than ABS)
❌ high printing temperatures (closed chamber)

Available Colors etc.
Colors Sort, Black, Blå, Blue, Brun, Brown, Natur, Sølv, Silver

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Filament PM ASA

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