About Us

Filament23D.DK (Filament to 3D.dk) Webshop, with physical warehouse in Daugård, which specializes in selling quality filament for 3D printers from manufacturers in the EU (Filament PM, FormFutura, Rosa3D, Filamentive, DSM, Copper3D, Ninjatek, Prima and UniCoFil), and it is completely without intermediate links. Ie. that we get it directly home from the manufacturer. Our range is constantly expanding, to give you even more choices.

We are also dealer of Duet3d, E3D, Capricorn, DimaFix, Haydn Huntley's, Magigoo.

To keep the price down on 3D printer, most 3D printer will be delivered directly from our external warehouse.

If there is something we are missing in our range, please send us an email at


We always have over 2500 rolls of filament for your 3D printer in stock. Large selection of resin for resin printer.

Our fixed low price on quality filament is due to the fact that we buy homes in large batches, and can thereby keep a low price, and that benefits you :-).

At Filament23D, we think a lot about the environment, which is why we recycle boxes and fillings that we receive. We recycle and sort to protect our environment as much as possible.