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Filament23D.DK (Filament to 3D.dk). An online company specializing in selling quality filament from manufacturers in the EU (Filament PM, FormFutura, Rosa3D, Filamentive and UniCoFil), and it is without a link. Ie that we get it directly from the manufacturer. There will be more and more types and colors in stock as well as various. 3D printer accessories.

We have 2000 rolls in stock.

Our fixed low price for quality filament is because we buy home in large lots, and can thus keep a low price, and it benefits you :-).

Send us an e-mail if there is something you / you need, at info@filament23d.dk

Our filament manufacturer guarantees a tolerance of + - 0.05mm.

All filament is made of virgin (no recycled plastic) plastic.

All Filament from Filamentive is between 70 and 100% recycling, the quality is top notch.

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