PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is a variant of PET with glycol added. This compound prevents the material from crystallizing, making it softer and melting at a lower temperature. Ideal properties when using it for FDM 3D printing.

PETG is more elastic than e.g. PET, but still retains the strength and layer bonding. It has an increased tendency to make small strings when printing. Therefore, it may be advisable to increase its retraction relative to e.g. PLA.

PETG is printed at 230-250 ° C. A heated plate is needed; it should be heated to 60-80 ° C.

PETG filament is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air - it is therefore recommended to store the material in a bag together with silica gel to bind any. moisture. You will get a significantly nicer print, you keep your PETG dry, possibly. with a decidedly filament dryer like this.


Black PETG 2.85mm

Black PETG 2.85mm

1kg. Black quality PETG 2.85mm from PM. RAL 9005..

125.00DKr 196.50DKr Ex Tax: 100.00DKr

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