Filament PM

Filament PM was established in 2013

In 2014, Filament PM began production for Prusa's (a 3D printer manufacturer) 3D farm. So MK2 - MK3 printers are made from our filaments. These printers are known all across the world and with them in boxes, our filament.
We are constantly investing in streamlining production, semi-automation, in addition to stringent quality control. Our focus goes also into new production lines and innovative new materials.
When we first began, we started with ABS material, then PLA and ABS-T. We were one of the first in Europe to launch PETG..

Nowadays, our portfolio consists of 16 types of materials, in a wide range of colors. But that's not enough; we're constantly developing more material including wood, interesting colors, and also recycled filament from our waste.

Ecology - In Filament PM we also consider the ecological footprint. Energy from renewable sources (biogas plant) is used for the production of filaments.nts. 

PAJet 160 Nylon PA12 1.75mm 0.5Kg

PAJet 160 Nylon PA12 1.75mm 0.5Kg

PAJet 160 nylon (polyamide)- engineering thermoplastic- has similar printing properties as ABS-..

228.75DKr Ex Tax: 183.00DKr

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