PC/ABS 1,75mm : Sort brandhæmmende ABSpro 1.75mm

Sort brandhæmmende ABSpro 1.75mm

0,5kg. Sort brandhæmmende kvalitet ABSpro 1.75mm fra FORMFUTURA.

Within our professional ABSpro™ engineering filament range we now offer a revolutionary flame retardant variant called “ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black”.

ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black is a new halogen free self-extinguishing filament which is engineered to meet the UL 94 V-0 flammability  standards, meaning that the vertical burning of the filament, or 3D printed object, stops within 10 seconds.

The mixture used for our ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black compound contains a high percentage of PolyCarbonate, ABS and added halogen-free flame retardant modifiers. Even though the compound contains a high percentage of PolyCarbonate, the flame retardant modifiers allows the filament to be printed at relatively low temperatures.

ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black has a superb interlayer adhesion and allows you to 3D print self-extinguishing objects with a very high gloss and in remarkable fine detail.

ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black requires a printing temperature of 240-270°C. When printing with ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black we recommend you to set your print bed temperature to 100 -110°C. Using an adhesive spray like DimaFix will allow you to 3D print ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black directly on your glass plate, or on Kapton- or PET tape. You can also try using a strong adhesive slurry like ABS juice. Optimal print results can be obtained when keeping the ambient temperature at constant levels.

ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black has an excellent roundness and very tight diameter tolerances, which makes this filament a perfect match with all common desktop 3D printers. ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black is especially developed for FDM/FFF technology based 3D printers and will basically work with any desktop 3D printer.

Our ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black does not contain any hazardous, or chemical substances. In fact, our ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black filament is RoHS certified and REACH compliant.

ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black unique features:

  • Self-extinguishing flammability properties
  • Engineered to meet UL 94 V-0 standards
  • Halogen-free
  • Superb interlayer adhesion
  • High gloss

Product details

Our ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black 3D printer filament is wrapped on a transparent ABS plastic spool which contains approximately 0.5Kg of filament. Our spool-wrapped ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black filaments are packed in a silica sealed bag and come in a full colour printed cardboard box, which in turn is also sealed in plastic. Please see below overview for more details with respect to the weight and packaging of our spool-wrapped ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant Black 3D printer filaments:  

Filament Net Weight:0.5 Kg ± 2%
Spool Size (D x h):200 mm x 55 mm
Spool Hub Diameter:52 mm
Packaged weight1 Kg 

For more technical specifications about our ABSpro™ 3D printer filament, please have a look a the 'SPECIFICATIONS' tab. 

Download TDS

General Tips & Tricks for printing with ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant filament:

  • It is recommended to have your print bed temperature set to its maximum temperature 110-120°C (or higher) when printing with ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant. 
  • In order to obtain a good first layer adhesion it is recommended to prepare your print bed with adhesive slurries like ABS juice, or with an adhesive spray like DimaFix.
  • It is important that your print bed levelled and clean. A really tight levelling of the print bed to the nozzle ensures a very good first layer adhesion with ABSpro™ - Flame Retardant.
  • If possible try to create a controlled temperature area/box for your 3D printer to avoid temperature fluctuations having a negative effect on your 3D print.

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Sort brandhæmmende ABSpro 1.75mm

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