• Voxelab Aquila D1 - 235*235*250MM

Voxelab Aquila D1 - 235*235*250MM

FDM 3D Printer
Aquila D1
A Powerful and Sincere Presence
300℃ High-temp
Auto Leveling
X-axis, Y-axis
Linear Guide
Dual Screw
Direct Extruder
Metal Sheet
Dual Cooling
Adjustable Fans
Filament Run-out
Quick Assembly
32-bit Silent
Touch Screen
Aquila D1
Not only a 3D printer but for a REAL Tree
All Aquila D1's producing processes are environmentally friendly. And this time, we would like to do more. With each Aquila D1 sold on Voxelab official website, Voxelab will donate a tree by the name of the buyer. Through this link, you can witness your own tree growth. For more Voxelab spirits, please visit here.
All for More Stable and Finer Printing!
X-axis, Y-axis Linear Guide
X-axis, Y-axis Linear Guide
The X-axis and Y-axis use linear guide rails instead of pulley guide rails, with a motion accuracy of ±0.02mm, reducing the surface texture caused by machine shaking, making printing more stable and printing details finer.
Z-Axis Double Screw
Z-axis High-precision Double Screw
The Z-axis adopts double screw synchronous operation to reduce printing wobbles, bringing more stable operation and smaller zeroing error.
Strong Wire Feeding Force
Strong Wire Feeding Force up to 70N
The new nozzle adopts an all-metal double-gear direct extruder, a reduction ratio design with a transmission ratio of 1: 2.83, which can achieve up to 70N wire feed force (180% greater than Aquila C2), ensuring smoother wire feeding when printing different filaments, especially flexible filament TPU.
Dual Cooling Adjustable Fans
Dual Cooling Adjustable Fans
The wind speed can be adjusted according to the temperature sensitivity of the material, making wire feeding is smoother, the model quality better.
More Improvement, More Sincerity
Fast Print
200% Faster Print than Before
The maximum printing speed is 180mm/s (average speed is 100mm/s, 200% faster than Aqulia C2 ), which greatly improves the printing speed while ensuring the quality.
Large Print Volume
14% Larger Print Volume than Before
The print volume is 235*235*250 mm, has increased by 14% than Aquila C2, bigger than a standard 5 yard football, which can meet various printing needs of animation character, parts, and household goods, making your infinite creativity a reality.
25-point Auto Leveling
25-point Auto Leveling
The print head has its own leveling sensor, 25-point intelligent leveling system can automatically compensate the unevenness of the heat bed. Easy to operate, even entry-level users can easily achieve one-touch leveling and printing.
PEI Spring Steel Platform
PEI Spring Steel Platform
The printing platform adopts PEI flexible removable steel plate, which is wear-resistant, bendable, unbreakable. The magnetic design is easy to install and the model can be removed in 3 seconds without tools.
Humanized Design, Better Experience
5-step Quick Assembly
5-step Quick Assembly
Modular design, 5-step quick assembly, only 10 minutes to finish installation, which makes Aquila D1 a good choice for a beginner.
power failure recovery and filament run-out detection
Smart Sensors, No More Fear of Accidents
Aquila D1 has the functions of power failure recovery and filament run-out detection to avoid printing failure due to unexpected power failure/material interruption, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources and time.
4.3-inch Large-size Touch Screen
4.3" Large-size Touch Screen
This FDM 3D printer is equipped with a responsive 4.3-inch LCD touch screen which has a bright full-color display, easy to operate and provides a better user experience. The screen supports 6 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese.
32-bit Silent Mainboard
32-bit Silent Mainboard
The brand-new 32-bit silent mainboard runs at low decibel levels, average noise level of about 50 dB, which is too low to disturb someone's good dreams. Low-noise operation allows you to enjoy the fun of printing.
Design as You Like
Open source code and N32 mainboard allow you to modify the program as you like and enjoy the fun and fulfillment of DIY.
Support More Filaments
Aquila D1 adopts 300℃ high-temp nozzle, and it is compatible with multiple filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, WOOD, PLA-CF, PETG-CF, PET-CF, PA12-CF (It is suggested to use hardened nozzle for carbon fiber printing), providing more possibilities for creation.

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Voxelab Aquila D1 - 235*235*250MM

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